Weaving narrative structure into online course design can serve as a compelling force in supporting student engagement and persistence in meeting articulated learning outcomes. But how do you leverage effective practices and technology in order to actually make it happen? Use the resources below to design instruction around the Monomyth Online framework.

Printable Worksheets

Use the following worksheets to map out the hero’s journey within the online learning environment.  Each worksheet will guide you through identifying the people, paths and methods you will use to make connections to the monomyth.

Click on the image to the right to create a copy of the framework worksheet of your choosing in Google Docs.  You can then fill in the worksheet to your liking, and add collaborators to assist you in planning out your instruction.

Individual Unit/Lesson Plan (Google Doc)

This worksheet will help you design a single module or unit of instruction.  You can use it to incorporate the Monomyth Online into a small piece of a larger lesson plan or curriculum.  It is also super helpful for testing out the framework with a limited scope.

Full Course Map (Google Doc)

This worksheet will help you map out a week-by-week plan for a full course using the Monomyth Online framework.  You can map out objectives, learning content, assessments and points of engagement, and specify how each item connects to the hero’s journey within a course.


Interactive Worksheets

These interactive worksheets will allow you to apply the Monomyth Online to various instructional plans, to include new courses or modules, redesign work, and the creation of student reflection activities around the hero’s journey.

Additionally, if you would like to see examples of the Monomyth Online framework in action, explore the library of use cases collected on this site.  You can even share your completed worksheets with other educators as well by submitting to our library of use cases.

Course Map

This interactive worksheet will help you to design anything from a unit of instruction to a full lesson plan, all built on top of the Monomyth Online framework.

Course Redesign

This interactive worksheet will guide you through an analysis of a current unit of instruction or full lesson plan, helping you to incorporate the Monomyth Online framework into a redesign.

Student Reflection

This interactive worksheet will allow you to build a custom assignment that guides students through a reflection on their role as a hero in a journey through a lesson.

Use Cases

Explore a collection of use cases submitted by educators leveraging the Monomyth Online framework in their teaching and learning.