Paths—Carving the Route Through the Journey

image of a winding path leading into the woods

Paths—Carving the Route Through the Journey

Whether or not we acknowledge it, each of us is on a highly specialized learning journey every day. To think about your path in the physical sense, think about the routes you take to get to the places you go every day. Have you ever talked to someone who was going the same place but took a different path? Now, let’s expand to the metaphysical path. Think about your education up until now. Did you attend a public school? Private? Were you homeschooled? Did formal schooling not work well for you, so you were a self-study student? What about college – if you attended, did you remain in the same major? When did you declare it, and did you ever think of doing something else? Each of these examples represents a waypoint in the journey that brought you to your now.

As we design learning experiences, think about the paths you’ve taken, and the path you wish to create for others. How might you make that path challenging, but not impossible? How might you empower them with autonomy while guiding them toward goals and outcomes? How might you make the path accessible to those who may have additional challenges?

Angela Gunder
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